Feb. 7th, 2014

These are good tips to avoid going broke while taking care of your pet. There will always be a time to decide if euthanize is the best choice of action in terminally ill pets, specially those in of old age. However if you care for your pet, these can certainly ease the financial burden of doing so.

In New Jersey there is also a low cost clinic in Hillside that is associated with pet rescue groups. Check around your state to see if low cost clinics are available and where are they located.

I sometimes wonder if there would be a business opportunity in Puerto Rico for veterinary medicine tourism because vet procedures in Puerto Rico are a fraction of those in the US. This has to include travel expenses as well, which may offset any gains, but it is something to consider as well.

Kevin Mercandante
How to Pay Expensive Vet Bills Without Going Broke

Medical costs for people aren't the only healthcare costs rising. Veterinary care for our pets is rising too. Not only can large veterinary bills strain a household budget, but they can also force us into making tough choices. Do we go ahead with a life-saving surgery for our beloved pet, or do we decide that the cost is simply too high?


Both were great in their respective fields... only that they were not in the same field.

The guy on the right may not need an introduction for those living in the United States. He is Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxer.

The guy on the left is José Miguel Agrelot, one of the greatest and most influential comedian in Puerto Rico. The largest concert/event venue in Puerto Rico bears his name.

New York, February 07, 2014 -- Moody's Investors Service has downgraded the general obligation (GO) rating of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to Ba2 from Baa3. Ratings that are capped by or linked to the commonwealth's GO rating were also downgraded two notches, with the exception of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) Revenue Bonds, which were downgraded to Ba2 from Ba1. At the same time, Moody's downgraded the Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corporation's (COFINA's) senior-lien bonds to Baa1 from A2 and its junior-lien bonds to Baa2 from A3. The outlooks for ratings on the GO and the related bonds, as well as the COFINA bonds, are negative. For the ratings affected by this action, all of which were placed on review on December 11, 2013, see the list at the end of this report.

Moody's downgrades Puerto Rico GO and related bonds to Ba2, notched bonds to Ba3 and COFINA bonds to Baa1, Baa2; outlook negative


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