Feb. 8th, 2014

Today I had the time to go out and with the snow shoes. It was a 45 minutes walk around the yard. Let's see if I can make an hour tomorrow, depending on the storm.

I'm stuck doing maintenance to the NAS. Hopefully everything will be up before I go to bed. I had to reboot the mirror instance because one of the process went loco and it was easier to restart than to figure out how to bring it up. It's now stuck checking drives, that'll take a while.
Hopefully things will go snippy now that I removed the Facebook plugin out of Friendica. The poor computer was begging for mercy.


Siempre que cuento a alguien sobre OpenStreetMap, ellos inevitablemente me preguntan “¿Por qué no usar Google Maps?”. Desde un punto de vista práctico, es una pregunta razonable, pero últimamente esto no es sólo un problema pragmático, sino mas bien en qué tipo de sociedad queremos vivir.

¿Por qué el mundo necesita OpenStreetMap? by OpenStreetMap Burgos on Openstreetmap

I have criticized about how UBS mishandled the pension funds for the government employees and the recent snafu with a private mutual fund that they offered in Puerto Rico.

It seems that I am not the only one.


UBS Bet on Puerto Rico and Lost Your Money on Stockbrokerfraudblog

The level of co-dependence between UBS Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico over the past several years is shocking. UBS Puerto Rico has been operating for almost 50 years. It has grown to the point that it manages almost as much money in Puerto Rico as every other brokerage firm combined....


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