Feb. 13th, 2014

I read about it last night when news was leaked out. It seems to be the case. However, cable companies usually do not engage in M&A and respect territories but considering the size of these two companies, it may be an indication of the things to come.


The Associated Press
Comcast agrees to buy Time Warner Cable; deal would combine 2 top cable TV companies


The cost: $45.2 billion in stock, or $158.82 per share
It is still an impressive achievement. Hopefully they'll learn from this and continue exploring the cosmos.

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China's Jade Rabbit Lunar Rover Officially Declared Lost
An anonymous reader writes "'Jade Rabbit,' the first lunar rover successfully deployed by China, has now been officially declared 'lost.' The rover encountered problems on January 25th, just over a month into its planned three-month mission. 'The rover's mechanical problems are likely related to critical components that must be protected during the cold lunar night. When temperatures plunge, the rover's mast is designed to fold down to protect delicate instruments, which can then be kept warm by a radioactive heat source. Yutu also needs to angle a solar panel towards the point where the sun will rise to maintain power levels. A mechanical fault in these systems could leave the rover fatally exposed to the dark and bitter cold.'"

Image/photo Image/photo Image/photo

Read more of this story at Slashdot.
I have not used KDE since the days of 3.0 which I moved to Fedora/Ubuntu that are GNOME centric desktops. As of late, I prefer lightweight desktops, LXDE mostly.


Christine Hall

KDE Tops Desktop Poll on Fossforce

According to the results of our FOSS Force Desktop Poll, our readers prefer KDE over any other desktop environment by a wide margin. In fact, all other desktops were practically left at the gate. The poll accompanied Ken Starks’ article Those Krazy Kids & KDE, which talked about the preference his Reglue kids express for the KDE desktop. Because Starks’ article focused on KDE, GNOME 3 and [...] Continue reading KDE Tops Desktop Poll
I am sometimes quite critical of what's going on in Puerto Rico, mostly the situation makes me shake my head in amazement.

But at the same time, I am also aware of the amount of entrepreneurship and the active startup community in the island. It is as active today as it ever was.

One time I told my wife while driving through an avenue in Caguas about the amount of small businesses that were lined up one after the other.

It's true that today many of them are having a very difficult time, but at the time, I was appreciative on the sight. I also still remember one time at Home Depot in Caguas in which there was not a parking space to be seen. For most residents, this is a "revolu" (or mess). My comment on this was slightly different, I said: "I know a couple of folks in NJ that would die to see this sight at their properties.".

So, one night, after the S&P downgraded the bonds, I asked my wife, is there still opportunity in Puerto Rico. It seems that according to Mr. Prouty, the answer is yes.

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V2A Strategic Management Consultants on V-2-a

Feb. 7 keynote speech by Nick Prouty to the Puerto Rico CIO & IT Leadership Conference http://www.pritcluster.com/ Good morning.  My name is Nicholas Prouty, and I am the Managing Partner of Putnam Bridge an investment firm located in Santurce. I appreciate the invitation to speak today and share some thoughts with regard to the role technology wi...


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