Mar. 1st, 2014

I am not sure if it's getting ridiculous, but we are certainly living in interesting times. Now, I have to go back and read a resolution from the Puerto Rico House of Representative (no, I am not kidding... )


The Tech Industry Is Getting Ridiculous
An anonymous reader writes "Columnist Jon Evans points out that the tech industry has been slowly getting stranger over the past several years. When you look at the headlines individually, they all seem to make sense, but putting them together and trying to imagine them popping up a decade ago really illustrates how odd it has become. Quoting: 'In Japan, some half-billion dollars' worth of cryptocurrency vanished from a site founded to trade Magic: The Gathering cards. In New Zealand, the world's greatest Call of Duty player has launched a political party to revenge himself on those who had him arrested and seized his sports cars. In Britain, the secret service is busy collecting and watching homegrown porn. Here in Silicon Valley, mighty Apple just revealed that a flagrant, basic programming error gutted the security of all its devices for years. Google, "more wood behind fewer arrows" Google, now has its own navy, to go with its air force and robot army.'"

Image/photo Image/photo Image/photo

Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Back in the days, we went out and have a slurpy with a pizza turnover when the food at school was horrendous.

Noah Cohen/


Ridgewood parents, eateries sue over ban on lunch deliveries to village schools


A group of Ridgewood parents and local businesses have filed a lawsuit challenging the school district’s ban on lunch deliveries to village schools, The Record reported.
This is pretty cool and probably of interest the guys at Telecom sans frontiere being that they create communication infrastructure for humanitarian needs.


Vodaphone Foundation Launches Cell Site In a Backpack
Bismillah writes "The Vodafone Foundation's Mini Instant Network cellular access site is deployable in ten minutes and can be carried on as hand luggage on commercial airliners. It's only 2G, but hey ..." This reminds me a bit of the Gargoyles in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, and useful for more than just emergencies.

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

This is the aerial view of the Solar Power Generation facility in Loiza, Puerto Rico. Pretty cool, ah?

Esta es la vista aerea de la planta generatriz solar en la municipalidad de Loiza, Puerto Rico. ¡Bien chévere!



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