Mar. 5th, 2014

I certainly hope that it does not go the Woolworth way into the annals of history. As much as I love Digi-Key, I sometimes need to go there for components when I'm in a rush.

RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores
wjcofkc writes "The decline of RadioShack has been painful to watch, and now CNN Money reports that they will be closing 1,100 of their stores, totaling 20% of their brick and mortar presence. Radio Shack has also publicly admitted its current stores are out of date and in need of a massive overhaul. But the number-one culprit has been a continuous slide in sales down a steep slope in the area of mobile device sales. A few years ago, in a bid to expand its customer base, Radio Shack made a bid to return to its roots as a hobbyist electronic components retailer. Apparently the extra traffic hasn't been enough to make up for their failings. The article mentions that some of their stiffest competition is coming from online retailers. The big question is, in order to ensure their survival, would Radio Shack be better off continuing to phase out their brick and mortar presence while making substantial efforts to expand as an exclusively online retailer?"

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Mar. 5th, 2014 03:59 pm
I still think that Master Console Operator is the coolest title of an obsolete function ever. :)


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'Data Science' Is Dead
Nerval's Lobster writes "If you're going to make up a cool-sounding job title for yourself, 'Data Scientist' seems to fit the bill. When you put 'Data Scientist' on your resume, recruiters perk up, don't they? Go to the Strata conference and look on the jobs board — every company wants to hire Data Scientists. Time to jump aboard that bandwagon, right? Wrong, argues Miko Matsumura in a new column. 'Not only is Data Science not a science, it's not even a good job prospect,' he writes. 'Companies continue to burn millions of dollars to collect and gamely pick through the data under respective roofs. What's the time-to-value of the average "Big Data" project? How about "Never?"' After the 'Big Data' buzz cools a bit, he argues, it will be clear to everyone that 'Data Science' is dead and the job function of 'Data Scientist' will have jumped the shark."

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I had an Amiga 1000 and 3000. Pretty nifty systems. I have not done UAW, but I have installed AmiWin for the that fresh workbench feeling.


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Website Simulates Amiga OS
cyclomedia writes "The Decibel Kid — the "AudioVisual Artist" responsible for last summer's Ipswich Zelda Map — has unveiled his new website. Modeled on Amiga OS it supports changing the wallpaper, window dragging, resizing, minimizing, and that z-index shuffle button. The mobile site is a completely different beast, modeling itself as a low-res LCD." There's even a drum machine. If you're pining for the "real" thing, there's always UAE (if you can find a ROM).

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While growing up in Puerto Rico, my mommy always told me that:

Americans kick their kids out of the house at 18, while in Puerto Rico you get kicked out when you get married.

The news hit the New Jersey and the Puerto Rico media generating a ton of comments about it. The whole situation is sad, but it is not unexpected if you observe the way society has been evolving and the sense of entitlement that some of these children have.

Legally (and biologically) you are an adult at 18. This young lady can legally

  • work 40 hours a week at minimum wage.
  • join the armed forces.

None of these which may suit her current lifestyle of living at an affluent neighborhood in New Jersey. Considering that the parents are not against the idea of her return, as long it goes under their rules, it is not that she's out on a limb either.

It is up to her to decide, as an adult, what she wants to do.

All teenagers (and adults should remember) are caught between being an adult and a child. The desire of assert your independence is strong during the late teens. However, the realities of the modern world will put a damper on those dreams of doing it on your own, because of the way society values higher education that is usually completed sometime in your early 20's. In the early days of being a trades person, the children would have been already way into their education by the time they reached 18. If she was studying in a vocational/technical school rather than a catholic school, she would have completed enough skills to be an independent person. (Many of my friends that graduated from vocational/technical schools were business owners by the time I was in mid to late college).

So who's at fault? The current educational system? The way parents raise their children? The society pressure of having a bachelor's or higher degree? All of the above?

Something to think about.

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Ben Horowitz/The Star-Ledger wrote the following post 2 hours ago:


NJ teen suing parents would have better chance if it were a divorce case, lawyers say

In a child support case, “The state has an obligation to not put someone out on the street,” Raso said. The court could appoint a legal guardian for Canning, which she might not like.
Orangutans losing their moms to forest destruction? Thank you, @ProcterGamble: #ThankYouMom


Greenpeace: The video Procter & Gamble don't want you to see

There’s a story that the “proud sponsor of moms”, @ProcterGamble, is not telling you- and it’s threatening orangutans & their moms! WATCH & SHARE this video to spread the word.


El cancer pancreático es considerando terminal en la mayoría de los casos. Me alegra saber que mi alma mater esté poniendo su esfuerzo para conseguir una forma de combatir esta terrible enfermedad.

#news #puertorico

Dialogodigital: Arroja luz sobre el cáncer de páncreas investigadora del RUM

Por primera vez una compañía puertorriqueña, dirigida por la doctora Belinda Pastrana, investigadora de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Mayagüez (RUM), producirá una proteína biomarcadora que ayuda al diagnóstico del cáncer de páncreas. Durante años, la doctora Pastrana ha llevado a cabo investigaciones que han culminado en la creación de la empresa Protein Dynamic Solutions, Inc.


Mar. 5th, 2014 09:57 pm
Old rare photo of the Samurai. ~ 1860 – 1880


... it seems that you are not the only one.


Mathematicians Are Chronically Lost and Confused
An anonymous reader writes "Mathematics Ph.D. student Jeremy Kun has an interesting post about how mathematicians approach doing new work and pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge. He says it's immensely important for mathematicians to be comfortable with extended periods of ignorance when working on a new topic. 'The truth is that mathematicians are chronically lost and confused. It's our natural state of being, and I mean that in a good way. ... This is something that has been bred into me after years of studying mathematics. I know how to say, “Well, I understand nothing about anything,” and then constructively answer the question, “What’s next?” Sometimes the answer is to pinpoint one very basic question I don’t understand and try to tackle that first.' He then provides some advice for people learning college level math like calculus or linear algebra: 'I suggest you don't worry too much about verifying every claim and doing every exercise. If it takes you more than 5 or 10 minutes to verify a "trivial" claim in the text, then you can accept it and move on. ... But more often than not you'll find that by the time you revisit a problem you've literally grown so much (mathematically) that it's trivial. What's much more useful is recording what the deep insights are, and storing them for recollection later.'"

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Después que todos salieron felices de la cumbre en CELAC, ahora vamos a crear

divisiones entre las naciones latinoamericanas. Yo pienso que él quiere

convertir a Venezuela como el Myamar de la América del Sur.



RT en


URGENTE Maduro: "He decidido romper las relaciones

diplomáticas y comerciales con #Panamá"


Rt: Nicolás Maduro rompe relaciones con



mandatario venezolano, citado por el diario ' El Nacional', comunicó este

miércoles su decisión de romper relaciones con el Gobierno de Panamá y

detener las actividades comerciales con ese país. "He decidido romper con

las relaciones diplomáticas, comerciales con Panamá.


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