Mar. 7th, 2014

I do not think that there is an open source version of Vine or the now defunct 12 seconds tv. Probably mediagoblin can do that.

Is this an opportunity? (Do not look at me... I have no time to code it).

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violet blue ®
New, by me - exclusive - Porn ban: Twitter talks about Vine's new 'no porn' policy

Zdnet: Porn ban: Twitter talks about Vine's new 'no porn' policy (Violet Blue)

Twitter changed its popular six-second video sharing app Vine to a strict "no porn" policy and answered our questions about the change.
I do not usually associate sailing and ice, but these look pretty nifty. There is also sailing in the desert as well. I have not done any of these activities.


Ap: On the rocks? 'Ice yachts' sail cold Hudson River

BARRYTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — Sharp winds lashed up the Hudson River as sailors launched boats onto the ice.
I am sure that this would elevate the level of paranoia to an all time high.

Theblaze: Surveillance For Hire: Would You Take Money to Record Fellow Drivers? (Elizabeth Kreft)

If you could mount a camera on your car that simply scanned license plates as you drove — and earned you $200 to $400 each time it registered a stolen or repossessed car — would you do it? That's the gig several repo men have lined...
Passengers to launch VG-200 to Mars, please embark through door number 4, all passengers, welcome aboard.

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Caribbeanbusiness: Virgin Galactic buys site at Roosevelt Roads - Caribbean Business

Virgin Galactic—owned by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group and Abu Dhabi's aabar Investments PJS—reportedly has bought 11 hangars at the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba, sources told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS. Virgin Galactic spokeswoman Jessica Ballard couldn't provide further details as of press time. Sources report that Virgin Galactic...
#news #puertorico

Elnuevodia: Pocas mujeres optan por estudiar en el campo de la computación

Féminas exitosas en las ciencias de la computación instan a romper con el estereotipo de que es un área de trabajo para hombres. Fotos


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