Mar. 11th, 2014

¿Ya leíste? Con el crédito en un hilo, gobierno le metió al BGF $484 millones en préstamos Image/photo

—Mamá, voy a salir.
—Pongase esto que esta haciendo mucho sol.


I don't know what she was doing to Cat but I think he deserves it because nemesis.



Sir Kitty

Mar. 11th, 2014 09:01 am
The Associated Press
PHOTO: To comply with late British leader Winston Churchill's request, orange kitten now lives at estate:

Ap: Britain Churchill Kitten

This is an undated handout photo issued by the National Trust, via PA on Monday March 10, 2014 of Jock VI, the new kitten who has taken up residence at Sir Winston Churchill's former country home of Chartwell southern England to honour a request made by the ex-prime minister and his family. For his 88th birthday in 1962, Churchill was given a marmalade cat named Jock after one of his private secretaries, Sir John "Jock" Colville, who gave him the pet. The cat was so dear to Churchill that Jock attended many Cabinet meetings.

The Associated Press
Japanese man learns to scuba dive in hopes of finding the remains of his wife, missing since 2011 tsunami:

Ap: Man learns diving to look for wife lost in tsunami

TAKENOURA, Japan (AP) — On a chilly morning last weekend, a 57-year-old Japanese man adjusted his diving mask before heading out to sea from the ts

I read some folks questioning about how can be possible not to be able to find a plane in this day and age. Well the ocean is still largely unexplored. Also, flights going over the pacific go largely on their own.


The Associated Press
How can a jet disappear? It's happened before at sea; finding any trace can take days, months or years:

Ap: How can jet disappear? In the ocean, it's not hard

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — In an age when people assume that any bit of information is just a click away, the thought that a jetliner could simp
Comandantes del Vigésimo quinto Batallón de la Guarnición Alfonso XII en Arecibo, Puerto Rico (1898)

Yo encuentro estas fotos de Puerto Rico bajo el dominio español totalmente foráneo.


Facebook: Photo

Me alegra saber que El Nuevo Día descubrió que no todos los puertorriqueño exitosos trabajan para la NASA.

#news #puertorico

Elnuevodia: Testigo clave del calentamiento global es puertorriqueño

El científico Clemente Colón viajó entre 2007 y 2012 a la región polar en el norte del planeta
Gautam Trivedi
Human ants from top of Eiffel Tower.


The NPR Science Desk
Turning Food Waste Into Fuel Takes Gumption And Trillions Of Bacteria

Npr: Turning Food Waste Into Fuel Takes Gumption And Trillions Of Bacteria (Joel Rose)

A Brooklyn waste treatment plant has become an unlikely lab for an ambitious effort to turn millions of tons of food scraps from New York City's apartments and restaurants into renewable energy.

GLaDOS explains nuclear fusion for NASA. Science is awesome.

Cnet: GLaDOS explains nuclear fusion for NASA (Michelle Starr)

Ellen McLain, voice of GLaDOS, once again enters the evil, voice-modulated fray — this time in an educational video for NASA.

Jörg M. Colberg
When a Google Street View car photographs another Google Street View car...


Saint SuperMatt




I'm sure that most women would agree to this. :)
I first remember reading the news about a trained cat in Brazil to send drugs and mobile phones. I guess that now the new fad is to use drones.


Unknown Lamer
Drones Used To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison
Daniel_Stuckey writes "Over the weekend, Ma 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of using a small quadcopter drone to smuggle an unknown quantity of illegal drugs into a prison in Melbourne, Australia. While it's certainly not the first time small-fry UAV technology has been used by a mid-level mule to airmail drugs into the clink, it does suggest a growing trend in the highest-tech of prison highs. Here, then, is a brief history of drone-assisted prison drug smuggling In November 2013, guards at Hull jail in Gatineau, Canada, spotted a small drone flying over the prison's walls [beware the autoplaying videos]. An exhaustive search of both Hull's grounds and the immediate vicinity turned up nothing by way of whatever contraband the drone might have been toting around. Nevertheless, it didn't appear to be one-off incident 'This sort of thing happens often in prisons all across Quebec,' Stephane Lemaire, president of Quebec's correctional officers' union, told the Ottawa Sun. 'Usually the drones are carrying small packages of drugs or other illicit substances.' The problem, Lemaire added, is that 'the drone can be controlled from more than a kilometer away, and the [Hull]prison is surrounded by forest.'"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.
I read it this morning. I'm a diaspora user and I'm quite happy with it.

#news #software

Christine Hall
Why Not Diaspora?
“Why we don’t all switch to Diaspora I will never understand.”My friend Ross made this remark on Facebook Thursday as introduction to a link to a petition by Demand Progress, a progressive political action site. The petition addresses Facebook and privacy issues, making some rather disturbing accusations. Although the text is short on siting sources, the accusations still ring true. The claim is that every time something is typed into a comment box but then not posted, Facebook keeps a record.
Well, it's not that I can afford a 100K electric car, but this, is dumb.


New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla
cartechboy writes "It feels like this story is becoming repetitive: X state is trying to ban Tesla stores, or the ability for an automaker to sell directly to a consumer. Either way, it's all aimed at Tesla. Now it's New Jersey's turn as a hearing today could end up banning Tesla stores in the state. Naturally Tesla's displeased with this and is crying foul. A rule change that is expected to be approved today would require all new-car dealers to provide a franchise agreement in order to receive a license from the state. Obviously Tesla (the manufacturer) can't provide a franchise agreement to itself (the distributor). The proposed rule would also require dealers to maintain a 1,000 square foot facility, the ability to show two cars, and service customer cars on site. Tesla doesn't meet that last requirement at any of its galleries, and most of the Tesla stores are located in shopping malls which mean they are smaller than 1,000 square feet. Tesla's arguing the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is overstepping its bounds. Will Tesla be able to defeat this new rule in New Jersey as it has overcome issues in many other states?" (Also covered by the Wall Street Journal.)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Matt Dowling/Times of Trenton
U.S. Navy ship named after Trenton begins final assembly with keel-laying ceremony


The final stage of construction for the U.S. Navy's Joint High Speed Vessel Trenton, the fourth ship to be named after New Jersey's capital city, started this week with a "keel-laying ceremony" at the manufacturing facility in Alabama.


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