Mar. 20th, 2014

A former Microsoft employee has been arrested for allegedly stealing Windows 8 trade secrets

Cnet: Ex Microsoft staffer arrested for allegedly stealing Win 8 trade secrets (Mary Jo Foley)

A former Microsoft employee has been charged with passing on Microsoft trade secrets involving Windows 8. Read this article by Mary Jo Foley on CNET News.

When statements like this are done by politicians the usual response from corporations are the impositions of quotas. I'm Puerto Rican, I'm pretty sure that quotas of that came into play when I was first hired back in the 1990's being that it was the middle of the "Affirmative Action" movement in Corporate America.

How bad was it? I do remember an instance of a friend of mine in which she saw in the notes from the hiring manager:

Must be Hispanic female.

I'm all for having diversity in the workplace, but I have not been a believer on quotas or shoehorning people in positions just because of their race.

Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity
New submitter wyattstorch516 writes "San Jose Mecury News reports that Jesse Jackson will lead a delegation to HP's next board meeting to discuss the hiring of technology companies in regard to African-Americans and Latinos. 'About one in 14 tech workers is black or Latino both in the Silicon Valley and nationally. Blacks and Hispanics make up 13.1 and 16.9 percent of the U.S. population, respectively, according to the most recent Census data.' Jackson sent a letter to HP, Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others about meeting to discuss diversity issues."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.



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