Apr. 7th, 2014


Apr. 7th, 2014 12:14 am
This is why you should be careful with those selfies.Businessweek: Interactive Graphic: The NSA Spying Machine (Michael Riley)

How the NSA sees the world. I mean, really <em>sees</em> the world

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Slashdot Asks: Will You Need the Windows XP Black Market?
NicknamesAreStupid (1040118) writes "As Whoever57 pointed out, there are some who will still get support for Microsoft Windows XP pointed out, there are some who will still get support for Microsoft Windows XP — the 'haves'. However, most will be the 'have nots.' Anytime you have such market imbalance, there is opportunity. Since Microsoft clearly intends to create a disparity, there will certainly be those who defy it. What will Microsoft do to prevent bootleg patches of XP from being sold to the unwashed masses? How will they stop China from supporting 100 million bootleg XP users? And how easily will it be to crack Microsoft's controls? How big will the Windows XP patch market be?" There are a lot of businesses still on Windows XP; if you work for one of them, will the official end of life spur actually cause you to upgrade? (And if so, to what?)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

I had to read Shakespeare in school (yes, you read Shakespeare in Puerto Rico), but I never through how fun it would be as a web comic until I found this site. It is actually a good way for young readers to know The Bard. If you have read some of this works, you still enjoy the antics of all the Shakespearean characters.

Goodticklebrain: Good Tickle Brain

A mostly Shakespeare webcomic and blog.

Por si las moscas... ;)

El Vocero de PR
Usuarios de Twitter son más propensos a la infidelidad | El Vocero de Puerto Rico:

Elvocero: Usuarios de Twitter son más propensos a la infidelidad (ElVocero.com)

Según un estudio

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Enseña foto de sus genitales en currículum
Un hombre de 25 años de edad solicitó trabajo en la empresa texana Workforce Solutions, y adjuntó a su currículum una foto de su enorme miembro viril, según el portal NY Daily News.

La foto de los genitales del hombre estaba incluida en el apartado “referencias personales”.

Cuando el gerente de recursos humanos revisaba el expediente del desempleado, llamó a la Policía para alertarlos de un posible depravado sexual.

La Policía de Dallas realizó las investigaciones pertinentes y rastrearon al hombre, quien fue acusado de “exhibicionismo”, un delito menor en Estados Unidos



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