Jun. 30th, 2014

I like Quicken, a lot, I have been using it since the 1990's. It is a solid piece of software. But their business practices is what is driving me up to the wall. Last week I tried to download an OFX file from the bank to upload it into Quicken. All of the sudden, Quicken complained that it could not verify my institution.


Ok, fine, I did a sync in which the program reminded me… Well, I would you that synchronization was going to be removed and you have to upgrade now

Ok, fine, so I cannot upload OFX files and I cannot synchronize. I can understand the synchronization piece because it uses their servers, but the inability to load OFX files is inexcusable. In Quicken 2011, checking accounts lost their ability to load transactions via QIF, although I think OFX is a lot nicer than QIF, the program now cannot load transactions through batch files.

This was the last drop…

I am not going to upgrade Quicken, I'm moving to GnuCash.

I am very familiar with GnuCash, so it is not that I need to learn a new program. I have been dabbling with it for a long time, probably since the earlier versions in Gnome 1.X. Getting it up and running on my PC was not hard, but importing files took some doing. I'm now at the point that all accounts are loaded. I just need to start doing automatic synchronization to the ones that I can.

I will keep Quicken running on a parallel run, but I expect to move out very shortly.

It was a nice run.


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