Oct. 9th, 2014

Ryan Bettencourt on Shaping the Digital Future with Randy Thompson

Ryan Bettencourt is Co-Founder of Cursive Labs, a team of passion-fueled designers, developers and business people driven to create meaningful companies that solve real problems in evolving industries.Ryan was  the VP, Digital for Saban Brands, a trans-media and licensing company he joined after his former company was acquired in late 2012. Ryan also acts as Founder and Chairman of Blurt It Media, creators of Blurtopia (fast growing social network) and Blurt Media (content syndication and monetization platform).  Before its acquisition by Saban Brands, Ryan was President of KidZui, creators of the leading kid-safe internet browser. KidZui won numerous awards for its innovation in the kids’ space, scaled to over two and a half million monthly unique users, earned four valuable patents (five additional pending) for its technology and had numerous partnerships with large media, toy, and OEM companies. The company raised $18.5 million in funding from leading venture funds as well as from Scholastic Corporation.

Ryan is a speaker of the Startups of Puerto Rico Speaker Series, presented by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust, The Founder Institute, Piloto 151 and Ferraiuoli. Featuring successful entrepreneurs and innovators from abroad, the series will serve to share their experiences on in building world-beating companies for the next economy.



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