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Antifreeze is attractive and lethal to dogs and cats alike.

A bill penalizing antifreeze manufacturers who fail to put a "bittering agent" in the product to prevent animals from drinking it has been passed by the state Senate.

My wife and I took the Red Cross pets first aid class. In the class we went over the emergencies that may occur. If you have a pet, I would highly recommend it for you to take it. Probably the only thing that I was not too thrilled was to perform CPR to the training doll Yes, there are training dolls for dogs and cats on the same venue as those used for human CPR classes. I might have to go over the course one more time to make sure that I got the hang of it.

I am not sure if any of the cats would volunteer as our practice mate. They would be probably ok for the pulse... not so sure for practicing taking the rectal temperature



Apr. 9th, 2014 01:58 am
I am always amazed the amount of feelings animals show towards other species, being this love, compassion or fear.

National Geographic
Terrified panda hugging a police officer's leg after an earthquake, China.


Someone likes clean laundry #cat #meow

Andy Rocket
She thinks she owns the place or something. 😾 Image/photo


Sir Kitty

Mar. 11th, 2014 09:01 am
The Associated Press
PHOTO: To comply with late British leader Winston Churchill's request, orange kitten now lives at estate:

Ap: Britain Churchill Kitten

This is an undated handout photo issued by the National Trust, via PA on Monday March 10, 2014 of Jock VI, the new kitten who has taken up residence at Sir Winston Churchill's former country home of Chartwell southern England to honour a request made by the ex-prime minister and his family. For his 88th birthday in 1962, Churchill was given a marmalade cat named Jock after one of his private secretaries, Sir John "Jock" Colville, who gave him the pet. The cat was so dear to Churchill that Jock attended many Cabinet meetings.

- Is that a Norwegian Forest Cat?
- No, it is a Piscataweian Suburban Cat.

Orangutans losing their moms to forest destruction? Thank you, @ProcterGamble: #ThankYouMom


Greenpeace: The video Procter & Gamble don't want you to see

There’s a story that the “proud sponsor of moms”, @ProcterGamble, is not telling you- and it’s threatening orangutans & their moms! WATCH & SHARE this video to spread the word.


A $35,000 Renovation Turned This Suburban Home Into a Cat Palace on Gizmodo

You love your pet a lot. You buy the fancy food and only the best toys. You have a collection of sweaters so she doesn't get cold in winter. But do you love your pet enough to spend $35,000 converting your spacious California home into an animal fantasy land?

We take care of a semi feral cat that he's about 20 ponds of cat. Not as large as this one, but still fairly large kitty.

I'm glad that it got a good home.

Catasaurus Rex: Meet Pickles the 21lbs cat on Dailymail

The giant feline became an internet hit dubbed 'Catasaurus Rex' when he was advertised on the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website.

These are good tips to avoid going broke while taking care of your pet. There will always be a time to decide if euthanize is the best choice of action in terminally ill pets, specially those in of old age. However if you care for your pet, these can certainly ease the financial burden of doing so.

In New Jersey there is also a low cost clinic in Hillside that is associated with pet rescue groups. Check around your state to see if low cost clinics are available and where are they located.

I sometimes wonder if there would be a business opportunity in Puerto Rico for veterinary medicine tourism because vet procedures in Puerto Rico are a fraction of those in the US. This has to include travel expenses as well, which may offset any gains, but it is something to consider as well.

Kevin Mercandante
How to Pay Expensive Vet Bills Without Going Broke

Medical costs for people aren't the only healthcare costs rising. Veterinary care for our pets is rising too. Not only can large veterinary bills strain a household budget, but they can also force us into making tough choices. Do we go ahead with a life-saving surgery for our beloved pet, or do we decide that the cost is simply too high?




Miso was one of the TNR cats that we were feeding. It show up at home about two years ago, along with Gris, Noire and Blanche. It was, basically, Gris' sidekick and of late, it had a thing for Noire. It was TNR early in 2013 and it continued coming to our feedings until yesterday.

Yesterday it did not come, my wife wondered why, but I did not put a lot of though because they tend to come and go. It was until yesterday evening when we went for our walk that we noticed a dead cat on the gutter near our house, it was Miso.

Miso was unceremoniously collected by Animal Control throughout the night.

It'll be missed, but not forgotten.

This is Linix.

This is a feral kitten that was scheduled for TNR but we decided to adopt it instead. You will notice the notch of the left ear that indicate that it was spayed

Yes, that's my gut.


Apr. 16th, 2013 10:31 pm

This cat is probably out of my budget...

Corporate Blogging Blues

One of my functions at work is to have a blog. For those who blog out in the wilderness of the internet, it may sound like a sugar coated based wannabe blog. However, there are some advantages on doing this:

  • It looks good in your performance review. At least you can show that you can do more than being cranky all day.
  • You have a captive audience. Considering the amount of people in the company, they are your potential viewers... Well, wishful thinking being that they can still go and read Fakebok. (ugh).
  • At least, the subject that you write it is related to work, therefore you do not have to worry about spilling the beans on something that you should not have and topics are fairly easy to come by.

However, when my boss' boss asked me on the statistics, I proudly said that nobody is reading the darned thing.

I still need to continue though... it seems that he'll help with advertisement.

The one who rises early...

I need to call my wife earley in the marning. (like a drunken sailor, harr) She has to take the cat to get it fixed. I am not sure why she wants me to call her being that I am not an early riser. But we have to take the kitty early to the hospital. I put the alarm at 6:00 AM (0600h) and I wish that I can actually go up and push her out of bed.

flymake, oh fly, fly you miserable thing.

I managed to get one of our work took working in flymake.el It is the tool that we tell the developers to run before submitting the code for inspection. They never do (of course), but now I have more power to annoy them being that flymake will tell me if they fixed it or not (evil laughter). With that I can raise heck and make their life miserable.

However, it seems that S/Xemacs does not want to play ball. For some reason it's not getting the data that it needs to identify the tool output. I ran it on SXemacs and it barfed on me with an error code.

I need to do more research to figure out why.

It works in Gnu Emacs

... and the cat had the last laugh

This morning my wife went down to the cattery to check on the cats that are being socialized. The cats are doing fine, thanks, but it seems that the leash and harness that we managed to put on the cat is now gone.

The cat might be laughing to us, poor deluded humans, on its escapist prowess

sike musi pi sijelo musi. pakala!

lawa kulupu ma pi ma Poto Liko li pana e tempo musi tan tempo suno pi wan tu jan sewi sona. tempo suno sike pini la lawa kulupu ma li pana e ilo musi pi kama sona anu ilo musi pi mani mute. tempo suno ni la lawa kulupu ma li pana ilo pi musi sijelo. lawa kulupu ma li wile pona e jan lili sijelo.

tempo musi li lon li pona. ona mute li tawa li jo e ilo pi musi sijelo. ona mute li pilin pona tan tempo musi.

taso jan wan.

jan pali pi sitelen tawa li toki kepeken jan mama meli. jan mama meli li pili pona ala.

ona li pilin pona ala tan seme?
a... mi awen e tempo mute e tempo mute e tempo mute. jan lili mi pilin ike mute. mi kama e tempo suno kama e lape lili. tempo kama ni la mi kama jo e sike musi pi sijelo tawa jan lili mi. a?! taso wan sike musi pi sijelo?! pakala! tempo musi ni li ike li pakala!

jan pali pi sitelen tawa li tawa sona e nimi pi jan mama meli. ale kulupu li kama sona li pilin pona ala kepeken nimi.

Mrs. Cat Goes to the Vet.

We took the cats to the vet last night, the whole thing was uneventful except that my 16 year one was not thrilled with the vet. The vet was unknown to my cat and that usually makes her very uncomfortable. I think that the affair was compounded with the fact that the appointment was late in the evening.

Bottom line... my cat was giving the grumpy cat a run for its money.

It's alive!

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to ownCloud 4.5 from ownCloud 3.0. So far my system has not blown up in smoke, which I think it's a good sign. What prompted me to do the changes were delays in refreshing the calendar in the Web interface. I was not sure if it was the AJAX or the PHP component.

Now it's the fun part of recovering all the data that I had to store somewhere else because of changes in the database schema. I took the option of rebuilding the database from the get go rather than doing an upgrade.


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