US Nuclear Missile Silos Use Safe, Secure 8" Floppy Disks
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Sean Gallagher writes that the government built facilities for the Minuteman missiles in the 1960s and 1970s and although the missiles have been upgraded numerous times to make them safer and more reliable, the bases themselves haven't changed much and there isn't a lot of incentive to upgrade them. ICBM forces commander Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein told Leslie Stahl from "60 Minutes" that the bases have extremely tight IT and cyber security, because they're not Internet-connected and they use such old hardware and software. "A few years ago we did a complete analysis of our entire network," says Weinstein. "Cyber engineers found out that the system is extremely safe and extremely secure in the way it's developed." While on the base, missileers showed Stahl the 8-inch floppy disks, marked "Top Secret," which is used with the computer that handles what was once called the Strategic Air Command Digital Network (SACDIN), a communication system that delivers launch commands to US missile forces. Later, in an interview with Weinstein, Stahl described the disk she was shown as "gigantic," and said she had never seen one that big. Weinstein explained, "Those older systems provide us some, I will say, huge safety, when it comes to some cyber issues that we currently have in the world.""

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MORE: An AP report did not include the cause of death -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez dead at 87

Rt: Colombian novelist and Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez dead at 87

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize-winning author, journalist, and screenwriter, died Thursday at age 87, according to a report citing a source close to Marquez's family.



Apr. 13th, 2014 02:53 pm
Lee Vickers LWi
5 Meditation Apps for Channeling Your Inner Peace

Mashable: 5 Meditation Apps for Channeling Your Inner Peace

Meditation and, more broadly, mindfulness have of late been linked to everything from increased creativity to stress reduction. But who has time to pause and assume lotus positi...

I guess that it was an emergency for him.

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Meghan Shapiro Hodgin/NJ.com
Police: Man kept calling 911 over being booted from Morristown bar
Ellis was arrested, transported to police headquarters and charged with calling 9-1-1 without the need for emergency services. He was released with a pending court date, LaBarre wrote.
... or my job will be outsourced to Elbonia...

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Harry Styles
Short girls look perfect doing this job 😍😍

Somindblasting: 2014′s highest paying jobs list

1- Software Developers In 2013 there has been over 1.4 million jobs available and another 104k jobs has been added in 2014. This is a very high demand job and the medium hourly wage is $45 an hour. Thats very good anywhere in the world, so it's worth the 4 years diploma.
This looks like something out of the Jetsons! :)

Inhabitat: Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

What the Lazy-Susan has done for efficient dining, the Hanse Rotor House has done for compact living. This spatially smart dwelling is made up of a large open living room surrounding a central core rotating room containing tiny efficient versions of a home's essential rooms: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

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Florida becomes the first state to file charges of money laundering involving bitcoin could be the digital currency's

Dailymail: Florida first state to file money laundering charges involving bitcoin

Two police officers burst through a hotel room door with guns drawn, yelling

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Enseña foto de sus genitales en currículum
Un hombre de 25 años de edad solicitó trabajo en la empresa texana Workforce Solutions, y adjuntó a su currículum una foto de su enorme miembro viril, según el portal NY Daily News.

La foto de los genitales del hombre estaba incluida en el apartado “referencias personales”.

Cuando el gerente de recursos humanos revisaba el expediente del desempleado, llamó a la Policía para alertarlos de un posible depravado sexual.

La Policía de Dallas realizó las investigaciones pertinentes y rastrearon al hombre, quien fue acusado de “exhibicionismo”, un delito menor en Estados Unidos

Por si las moscas... ;)

El Vocero de PR
Usuarios de Twitter son más propensos a la infidelidad | El Vocero de Puerto Rico:

Elvocero: Usuarios de Twitter son más propensos a la infidelidad (ElVocero.com)

Según un estudio

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Apr. 7th, 2014 12:14 am
This is why you should be careful with those selfies.Businessweek: Interactive Graphic: The NSA Spying Machine (Michael Riley)

How the NSA sees the world. I mean, really <em>sees</em> the world

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Metro Puerto Rico
[Mundo]Turquía desbloquea el uso de Youtube y Twitter. Detalles

Metro: Turquía desbloquea el uso de Youtube y Twitter (Beatriz Rojas)

Turquía desbloquea el uso de Youtube y Twitter

Forbes Tech News
Can't control your spending? There's an app for that, but does it work?

Forbes: Can't Control Your Spending? There's An App For That, But Does It Work? (Samantha Sharf)

The idea of balancing a checkbook, or even keeping a check on spending by putting a set amount of cash in your wallet each week, is an anachronism. So what’s the best 21st century, smartphone-friendly method for controlling your spending?

Tomas Custer

Voxxi: The undeclared political war between Latinos and Asians (tony7castro)

A political war may be developing between Latinos and Asians in California over attempts to undo the state’s 18-year-old ban on race-conscious admissions policies at the University of California. A...

Jim Cramer
Hackers are Draining Every Bit of Cash from Bank ATMs - @MainStr

Mainstreet: Hackers are Draining Every Bit of Cash from Bank ATMs

One raid plundered $40 million with only 12 debit cards.

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I have to admit, I had so much fun there.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you plan on visiting the new Action Park? WEIGH IN HERE: http://newjersey.news12.com/polls STORY:

News12: Action Park to reopen in Vernon this summer

Longtime New Jerseyans might remember a theme park that's set to reopen this summer. Action

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Photographs from around the world show where our children sleep http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2595808/Sleeping-rubbish-surrounded-guns-poster-Chairman-Mao-Photographs-world-children-slumber.html via @MailOnline

Dailymail: Photographs from around the world show where our children sleep

Dong, aged nine, shares a bedroom with his sister and parents in Yunnan, Southwest China, and he is just one of the many children portrayed.

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Australian universities are weighing up whether they start using Box

Zdnet: Australian universities weigh up the benefits of Box

Australian universities have been trialling Box as part of a local deal struck with Australia’s Academic and Research Network.

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Not exactly surprising being that I studied in a state college. The University of Puerto Rico is the 15th best college in the US. Not impressing as it is, until you factor cost of tuition. In my days, it was $400 a semester. Now, it is a bit more expensive, about $800, but, it's still a good deal.

Books are about the same as in the states, about $300 per semester, but room and board is cheaper, but you have to deal with less than idea accommodations.



jfruh (300774) writes "PayScale has recently released a survey of various U.S. colleges and majors, and determined, perhaps unsurprisingly, that computer science graduates of elite colleges make the most money in post-graduate life. However, blogger Phil Johnson approached the problem in a different way, taking into account the amount students and their families need to pay in tuition, [and found] that the best return on investment in comp sci degrees often comes from top-tier public universities, which cost significantly less for in-state students but still offer great rewards in terms of salaries for grads."

Image/photo Image/photo Image/photo

Read more of this story at Slashdot.
The Verge
New research shows that monkeys on low-calories diets live longer, healthier lives

Theverge: Study finds monkeys on low-calorie diets live longer, healthier lives (Dante D'Orazio)

For decades, a group of rhesus monkeys has been under observation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Half were randomly selected to eat as much as they desired for the rest of their lives,...

GCHQ and NSA Targeted World Leaders, Private German Companies
Advocatus Diaboli sends this news from Der Spiegel: "Documents show that Britain's GCHQ intelligence service infiltrated German Internet firms and America's NSA obtained a court order to spy on Germany and collected information about the chancellor in a special database. Is it time for the country to open a formal espionage investigation? ... A secret NSA document dealing with high-ranking targets has provided further indications that Merkel was a target. The document is a presentation from the NSA's Center for Content Extraction, whose multiple tasks include the automated analysis of all types of text data. The lists appear to contain 122 country leaders. Twelve names are listed as an example, including Merkel's."

Image/photo Image/photo Image/photo

Read more of this story at Slashdot.



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