Apr. 1st, 2014

The Verge
New research shows that monkeys on low-calories diets live longer, healthier lives

Theverge: Study finds monkeys on low-calorie diets live longer, healthier lives (Dante D'Orazio)

For decades, a group of rhesus monkeys has been under observation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Half were randomly selected to eat as much as they desired for the rest of their lives,...

Not exactly surprising being that I studied in a state college. The University of Puerto Rico is the 15th best college in the US. Not impressing as it is, until you factor cost of tuition. In my days, it was $400 a semester. Now, it is a bit more expensive, about $800, but, it's still a good deal.

Books are about the same as in the states, about $300 per semester, but room and board is cheaper, but you have to deal with less than idea accommodations.



jfruh (300774) writes "PayScale has recently released a survey of various U.S. colleges and majors, and determined, perhaps unsurprisingly, that computer science graduates of elite colleges make the most money in post-graduate life. However, blogger Phil Johnson approached the problem in a different way, taking into account the amount students and their families need to pay in tuition, [and found] that the best return on investment in comp sci degrees often comes from top-tier public universities, which cost significantly less for in-state students but still offer great rewards in terms of salaries for grads."

Image/photo Image/photo Image/photo

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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