telo kiwen

Dec. 9th, 2013 09:02 pm

tenpo suno pini la telo lete li kama tan sewi. tenpo suno pini mi mute li lon e ma tomo Piladelpia. mi mute li ken ala tawa tomo mi. mi mute li lape en ma tomo Piladelpia.

tenpo ni la mi mute li tawa tomo mi.

tomo mi

Nov. 16th, 2013 09:18 am

tenpo esun pini la mi tawa tomo pali tan kama sona. tenpo ni la mi lon e tomo mi. mi pilin pona.

pona e sina

May. 9th, 2013 11:19 pm

o ante sijelo sina suli tawa sijelo sina lili

  1. o open ala e uta sina.
  2. o tawa musi e sijelo sina.

o nasin pona e mani

  1. o esun ala e ijo kepeken mani pi jan ante.
  2. o kama jo ala e mani tan jan ante.

o wawa kon sina e sina

  1. o nasa ala e sina.
  2. o pali mute e sina.

o alasa olin e meli anu mije

  1. o pilin e ni: jan ali li jo ala e pona ale.
  2. o pilin e ni: o monsuto ala e meli ale anu mije ale.

o pona e lawa sijelo

  1. o pona e ike pi lawa sijelo.
  2. o pona e ike pi lawa sijelo pi jan ante.

o toki tawa jan ale

  1. o monsuto ala e toki nasa.
  2. o toki nasa mute.

o pona lukin e sijelo sina

  1. o telo e sijelo sina. o pona e linja pi lawa sijelo. o telo e ijo walo uta.
  2. sina li awen e sijelo sina la sijelo sina li sama lukin e palisa.

o nasin pona kulupu

  1. o toki tawa jan.
  2. sina li moku la o open ala e uta sina.

o nasin pi lawa pona

  1. sina li wile e ijo la o toki wawa e sina.
  2. o tawa e nasin pi lawa pona.

o nasin pi jan pona

  1. o utala ala e jan ale.
  2. o pona tawa jan ale.

o kama sona e sina.

  1. o lukin tawa ilo pi lukin sina.
  2. o toki pona tawa ilo pi lukin sina.

o kama jo e nasin pi olin pona

  1. o olin ala e meli anu mije ante.
  2. o pali tawa olin pona.

o wawa e sina

  1. o pona e sina.
  2. sina li lon e ijo ike tawa sina la o pana ala e sona pi ijo ike tawa jan ante.

telo li kama

tenpo ni la telo pi kon suli li kama tan suli. taso kon li lon e seli mute. mi wile mute e tenpo pi kon seli. tenpo ni la mi ken musi kepeken sijelo mi. mi wile musi kepeken sijelo mi. mi ala e jan lili.


mi pali e mute. tenpo esun pini la ijo pali li kama lili. tenpo esun pini li pona: ijo pali li kama e ijo mute e ijo lili. tenpo suno ni la mi kama jo e ijo pali mute.

soweli ike

soweli li kama ike e tomo mi. soweli li jo e noka ike. ken la ona li wan kepeken ilo utala. mi sona ala. taso mi wile e ni: soweli li ante tan ike tawa pona.

mi lape e lili

mi lape e lili tan seme? mi sona ala. tenpo suno pimeja wan tu la mi lon. mi lon tawa tenpo suno pimeja tu tu. tenpo suno pimeja tu tu la mi lape e ni.

taso tenpo suno luka tu la meli mi li lon e mi. meli mi li toki wawa e mi: ona li toki tawa mi e "o lon".

taso meli mi pana e mi: ona li pana e moku pona. ona li pilin ike lili tan ona li lon e mi. taso tenpo ni la mi moku e telo pimeja: mi wile kin e lape.

mi alasa kin e soweli mute

tenpo pini la mi tu li kama jo e soweli luka luka wan. tenpo ni la taso nanpa soweli li suli kin. tenpo ni la mi kama jo e toki awen tan jan Anapela (Andrea). ona li wile jo e ilo alasa pi moli ala tu. ona li wile alasa e soweli mute.

tenpo ni la mi jo taso e ilo alasa pi moli ala tu. tenpo esun tawa la mi tu li tawa e ma tomo Ilasa (Hillside): taso mi tu li tawa e soweli jo tu. tenpo pini la mi tu li tawa e soweli jo tu tu.

ilo toki li pali ala

tenpo ni la mi pali musi kepeken ilo toki. taso ilo toki li wile ala e pali pona. mi pali kin kepeken ilo toki: taso mi pali e musi ala.

sitelen pi meli mi

meli mi li wile jo e lipu lawa pi tawa pi ma ante. meli mi li wile jo e sitelen sina: lipu lawa pi tawa pi ma ante li kepeken e sitelen tan meli mi. tenpo suno ni la mi tu li tawa e tomo pi pona sijelo jan: jan pi tomo pi pona sijelo jan li sitelen li pana mi tu e sitelen pi meli mi.

Hurricane Electric

I have an IPv6 tunnel with Hurricane Electric. They provide tunneling services for 6 to 4 tunneling conversion. I like their services, but it is constrained into one of my computers due to some silly restrictions from some web providers. Too bad, because they're fast and own their infrastructure.

Mr. Alien

monsuto is new (or being accepted) word in Toki Pona that refers to:

M fear, mysterious, awe

Some of these may refer to a pilin fear can be translated as pilin ike or feeling sick, but this can also be interpreted as having a stomach virus if you feel sick. So I guess that you need a term to explain, well, the unexplained.

The term for a ghost in TP is kon pi jan moli or the spirit of a dead person. But going through the roster of common monster, we can see the case for monsuto.

jan monsuto pi lon soweli (mysterious man that becomes a critter).
jan moli monsuto pi moku pi telo loje (mysterious corpse that eats red liquid).
alien, outer space
jan monsuto pi lon ala ma ni (mysterious man that does not exist in this earth)
jan moli monsuto pi tawa kin (dead man mysterious that still goes, or yes, The walking dead. :) ) I am not sure if the monsuto is needed being that jan moli pi tawa kin should be enough to send the message.
the blob
ko monsuto pi pakala tomo (mysterious gel that destroys cities)
akesi suli pi pakala tomo (big lizzard that destroys cities, monsuto would be also optional. Change akesi to pipi and you get monthra)
the mummy
jan moli pi tawa kin pi selo lon (dead guy that still goes with a skin made of clothes. Now this is a mouthful :) )

Well, you get the picture.

There is certainly a case as a transitive verb in addition as a modifier (adverb/adjective), for example:

mi monsuto e sina
I scare you (i. e. boo... aah!)
ona li monsuto pilin e mi ale
The thing gave us all a feeling of dread.

and noun

a pona! monsuto li tawa!
Mystery is afoot!

Yes, I think that there is a case for this word in the Toki Pona vocabulary.


Feb. 4th, 2013 05:12 pm

sina o alasa e soweli! sina o alasa e soweli! sina o alasa e soweli!

pona a! pona a! pona a!

tenpo ni la meli mi en mi li alasa soweli. mi tu li kepeken e ilo alasa pi soweli moli ala. mi tu li kin alasa e soweli. tenpo pini la mi tu li alasa e soweli tu.


mi toki tawa jan sona pi sijelo soweli. ona li jo e soweli: ona li ante soweli sijelo tan ken pi soweli sin tawa ken ala pi soweli sin.

mi tu li wile e soweli pona. taso mi tu li wile ala e soweli mute. soweli li ante pi ken ala e sin soweli la soweli li lon pona li lon ike ala pi jan ale.

I will be in meetings this whole week being that it's our annual department Let's figure out what we're doing next meeting. It is also performance review period.

I'm just glad that this is a yearly affair.

tenpo suno ni la mi mute li lon e tomo pi pali kulupu.

tenpo ni pi suno luka tu la mi toki kulupu e tomo pi pali kulupu. tenpo ni li lon sitelen mi pi jan lawa. mi pilin pona la sitelen mi pi jan lawa li lon e tenpo wan pi sike suno.

tomo tawa li tawa e lili

I am writing this at the car shop. The car is fine, it is for routine maintenance. Being that the car has over 100K miles (160 km's) already on the odometer, it is important to take care of items soon enough before it has to be totalled. It is in good shape, there are plenty takers that want to have it, I am not sure if they want to pay for it though.

Other than a defective sensor and weak battery, it seems that there are not many issues to worry about.

alasa soweli li open e tenpo suno pi nanpa wan

I got the confirmation from the TNR folks that they are coming on Monday to take care of the cats. I assume that I need to have coffee and cookies for them. I asked my wife not to give food to them over the weekend. In this way it should be easier to trap during the time. Other than that, it seems that the affair is progressing.

This is my mantra...

A starving kitty, is a trapped kitty.

tenpo suno kama la lawa linja mi li kama e lili

I need a haircut, I have not done one in a while and I will be in the main office next week. I am a full time telecommuter and I go there rarely. Before the whole crew goes out of the door screaming before they think that Big Foot just came to town, I should get a haircut... and a shave...

mi pilin ike e toki pi kulupu lawa tan ma Mewika :(

I am waiting for the car and some guy wants to hear the review board for the Benghazi bombing. I am listening the soon to be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talking about the whole incident. I do understand the importance of this Review Board for those that have a stake on it.

But honestly... it's boring.


Jan. 20th, 2013 11:06 am

Nice weather, but next week, winter comes back.

Today is a nice day in New Jersey, relatively mind and breezy. I wish I can take the car out for a spin but I am still on the hook to work on the home office.


Next week we expect snow and colder temperatures which is expected this time of year. This means that if it does snow, the car will have to stay in the garage for at least a month. Oh, the joys of owning a rear wheel drive car.

pona ala pi tomo pali mi

meli mi li wile e ni: mi pona e tomo pali mi. tempo ni la mi wile lape tan mi lape lili e tempo tawa pini. tempo tawa pini la sijelo mi li pilin e pona ala. tempo ni la sijelo mi li pilin e pona lili.

tempo ni la mi open ala e ale pi ilo sona. ilo sona li open ala tan seme? ona li wile pona li wile tawa pona pi tomo pali.


This is just a test of posting in two languages at the same time.
This is only a test.

mi lukin taso e nasin e sitelen pi toki tu.
mi lukin taso.
mu *pipipi*

tempo suno ni la mi tawa e tomo pi lawa kulupu. mi wile jo e lipu nasin pi soweli mi pi mu Mawu. tomo Pikatawa li jo e nasin lawa. soweli ale li o jo e lipu nasin.

tempo sike suno ni la mi jo e sin soweli e nimi ona Peti. soweli Peti li lon e lukin pona. taso soweli Peti li jo e sijelo pakala. soweli Peti li jo e pakala nimi Serepela Ipalasija (SI). soweli li jo e SI la soweli li lawa ala pi sijelo ona. sijelo li tawa sama jan li moku e telo nasa. taso soweli Peti li lon e ike ala. ona li moku li musi sama soweli ale.

tempo mun pini luka la soweli Peti li lon e ma. mi mute li poki awen li pana moku li pana sona pi pilin pona tawa jan. open tempo la ona li olin ala e mi mute. taso tempo ni la soweli Peti li olin mute e mi mute.

Posted via DwBeetle

Dude, I can read this stuff!

I just went to Tatoeba in which contains sentences in different languages. I went through the list of available languages and it seems that the most represented are English and Esperanto. Spanish is also one of the most popular on the list.

I continued down the list. I saw some of the usual suspects: Ido, Interlingua, Klingon and of course, Toki Pona.

So, I decided to give it a go and see how much I can understand from the phrases that have been written by others. Well, it seems, that I am doing fairly ok.

Ok... at least a lot better than the first time I read something in Toki Pona. At first glance, it looked to me like word jumble.

Now... I have to go ahead and continue with Esperanto.

Anki, you are my hero!

Honestly, I could not have gone far learning Toki Pona and refreshing my Esperanto if it were not by the folks that made Anki. Anki is a flash card software that runs on Linux, Windows, Mac and Android. I used the desktop version to load the cards or gets cards from the communal repository. I then transferred the card decks to my phone. In this way, I can study whenever I get a chance.

Another thing I did was to import the Pandunia dictionary from their website as cards. But, for now, Pandunia is going to have to wait for a later time. What I will do is to share the deck into the communal repositories.

The repository has plenty of topics to choose from besides languages. These are free to download and use.

... and the cat had the last laugh

This morning my wife went down to the cattery to check on the cats that are being socialized. The cats are doing fine, thanks, but it seems that the leash and harness that we managed to put on the cat is now gone.

The cat might be laughing to us, poor deluded humans, on its escapist prowess

sike musi pi sijelo musi. pakala!

lawa kulupu ma pi ma Poto Liko li pana e tempo musi tan tempo suno pi wan tu jan sewi sona. tempo suno sike pini la lawa kulupu ma li pana e ilo musi pi kama sona anu ilo musi pi mani mute. tempo suno ni la lawa kulupu ma li pana ilo pi musi sijelo. lawa kulupu ma li wile pona e jan lili sijelo.

tempo musi li lon li pona. ona mute li tawa li jo e ilo pi musi sijelo. ona mute li pilin pona tan tempo musi.

taso jan wan.

jan pali pi sitelen tawa li toki kepeken jan mama meli. jan mama meli li pili pona ala.

ona li pilin pona ala tan seme?
a... mi awen e tempo mute e tempo mute e tempo mute. jan lili mi pilin ike mute. mi kama e tempo suno kama e lape lili. tempo kama ni la mi kama jo e sike musi pi sijelo tawa jan lili mi. a?! taso wan sike musi pi sijelo?! pakala! tempo musi ni li ike li pakala!

jan pali pi sitelen tawa li tawa sona e nimi pi jan mama meli. ale kulupu li kama sona li pilin pona ala kepeken nimi.

The Psychotic Cat

We have a semi feral cat that bonded with my wife and today was the day to put the harness and leash on it. Needless to say, it was not happy. Right now it wants to eat me alive, it cannot see me near him and probably it is plotting against me right at this moment.

Well, it got the harness and leash on it, so there. Nya :P

Neo Patwa is dead, Long Live Neo Patwa

Well, it seems that my discovery on Neo Patwa ended up discovering that it has been discontinued. The inventor of it is pitching in on Pandunia. Pandunia is another pidgin language, and it seems that ideas from Neo Patwa are being combined into it for a single corpus.

I do not know, I liked the Neo Patwa name better. I could have used my worst imitation of a Creole accent to annoy my wife. :)


For those that celebrate Epiphany, have a happy one. In Puerto Rico kids get another round of presents tonight.

Lucky them... That's why I wait for the after Christmas sales in the US to purchase presents for my nephews. (yes, I'm cheap).

jan Malk Sutelwot li toki sona e tomo Lonpon tan lipu sona Upuntu OS pi ilo toki. lipu sona li kepeken sama lipu sona tan Anproip. lipu sona Upuntu li pali e ilo sona jo ARM anu ilo sona jo X86. lipu sona Upuntu li jo e lipu sona HTML5. lipu sona HTML5 tawa ijo e nasin tempo lili pi pali sin lipu sona.

lipu sona Upuntu li ken e awen ala tan lipu sona pi ilo toki tawa lipu sona pi supa pali. lipu sona pi supa pali li sitelen ona kepeken supa ilo sona "Dock".

The following translation was provided by John Clifford from UCLA:

sina wawa la o wawa ala lukin. sina wawa ala la o wawa lukin

It's the first morning of the New Year

My new year's even was fairly uneventful being perhaps the most interesting thing of the night was a video chat through skype with my family.`[1]` They were doing ok, but amazed that I had long hair and a beard. I usually shave when I go there, but being a 50 degrees difference between Puerto Rico and New Jersey, it's kind of hard to justify having a short hair.

As it is, it was nice to see them and at least share the yearly family toast for the new year.


Although I use the Org Mode and Markdown as intermediate web language markup regularly, but there are there are systems that use that use textile as its markup language.

Perhaps the most irksome part of it is that it does not play well with fill mode, being this in Emacs or some other editor. This seems to be a fature. I tried with three textile translators with similar results.

Oh well...

There's a script in Emacs that fixes that if I want to incorporate it into the textile minor mode to get it right. :(.

Toki Pona Gone Wrong

I posted my version of Sun Tsu's quote on strategy in toki pona and upon back translation it seems that the message got lost. The reasons were:

  • I used the wrong pronoun (ona vs sina).
  • The verb lukin did not show as an adjective, wrong verb.

The quote is from Sun Tsu, the art of war.

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak

First translation was:

ona lukin e wawa ala la ona li wawa.  ona li lukin wawa la ona li wawa ala.

So, with that, perhaps it would be clearer as follows (or not... :( )

o sitele sina draw yourself
e wawa ala strong not
la if
sina wawa you strong
o sitele sina draw yourself
e wawa strong
la if
sina wawa ala you strong not

What can I say... I'm still learning :).

[1] Yes, I should've used SIP in the spirit of Open Protocols and Skies but it's hard to convince my sister.

tempo suno li la sike ma li pini ala. kulupu Maja li toki sike ma pini. ona li sitele e sitele pi suno sike.

sike ma li pini ala. ale jan li moli ala tan sike ma pakala.

jan mute li toki e sike ma pakala.

  • kulupu pi sike ma li lukin sama palisa.
  • sike ma pi jan li pakala tan sike ma Jupitel. sike ma Jupitel li suli tan sike ma pi jan.
  • ale jan pona li pana tan sewi taso ale jan ike li moli.
  • tempo suno tu en ala ala ala (2000).

tempo suno tawa li sin e tempo suno.


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